Taxi Service

When people think of taxi firms they may often think of the standard service where you are picked up in an average looking car by an average looking driver then escorted to your destination. However, there are some services that many people may not know about that some taxi firms offer to their customers.

These services vary from firm to firm but some of the options are listed below:

  • Limousine service – There are some of us that like to live the life of luxury and the thought of hiring a taxi would not cross your mind, say you were going to a party or another social gathering you may think of hiring a taxi for the night. Although if you didn’t need a the car to get you any where afterwards you would still have to pay the hefty price for the whole night, well there are some taxi services that offer a taxi service using limousines, meaning you only have to pay for the one trip, so cutting back the cost tremendously on a service that seems so glamorous.
  • Airport services – With the number of people going on holiday each year, and many of them requiring a taxi to get there, there is more call for taxi firms specialising in providing a service that does just that. There are now plenty to choose from and the actual services on offer vary through out the different companies here are just a couple of example;
    1. There are some airport taxi services that offer high class transport to the airports aimed at quite a niche market like the business professionals, offering them luxury, top of the range vehicles for their transportation, along with a personal chauffer who will take care of all their luggage for you until you get to the airport, with some firms they will even escort you with your luggage to the check in department.
    2. Then there are the firms that are aimed more at family travel needs for example they will use a minibus as your transport and have plenty of space for luggage and any other equipment such as prams, wheel chairs and skis/snowboards.
    3. There are also taxi firms now adding a personal touch to their service by having a meet and greet service. This is where on your outbound journey you have the option of booking your return transport also, then on your return there are meet and greet point in various places through out the different airports, you arrange before you leave which one you will meet at, then your taxi driver would assist you with your luggage and take you back to your home also probably reducing the all round cost because you booked your return with them also.

So as you can see from these few examples taxi services don’t just end with the standard service whatever your requirements there will be a service to suit your needs as they range from the high class services to the basic practical services. Many of these companies advertise online and you can receive a quote for your planned journey from some companies within minutes of you enquiring.

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