Hackney Carriage Licensed Taxi Drivers

Using TaxiToo is a piece of cake and free to download. Allowing you to hail your next taxi from wherever you are is straightforward, easy to understand and easy to use, with no hidden fees from taxis you can trust. And just like the Pub Landlord, we’re honest to goodness  British through and through – we’re UK based and funded. It’s late and you want a taxi home, or a meeting to get to pronto, with your TaxiToo app you can simply hail one from your phone. 

With TaxiToo you can rely on every cab being: 

  • Fully insured
  • Roadworthy
  • Traceable
  • Enhanced CRB checked
  • Completely safe and reliable

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Once you have downloaded your TaxiToo app, simply fill in your details and create your password, (the app requires your details to be able to send your request to the driver to pick you up) we will send you an email confirmation to confirm it’s you that has signed up and all you need to do is confirm your details, there’s no need to fill these in again, simply log in next time you want to hail a cab using your password. Uploading a photograph of yourself is completely optional, but does help the driver recognise you in a crowded street.

A simple click and your taxi is on its way.

All TaxiToo drivers within easy reach of your destination will receive your request and the nearest one will accept your fare and let you know they are on their way. You will then receive the drivers confirmation, his taxi registration details and a photo of your driver. If you like, you can even track your drivers progress to you on your phone. When your driver has arrived you’ll receive an alert on your phone giving you a couple of minutes to meet your driver outside before his meter starts running. The app has been designed to be user friendly and has prompts to guide you if needed.

Paying your driver

 If your paying by cash, simply pay your driver as you would normally do. If you are paying by card, you have 2 options, you can use your TaxiToo app to enter your details or you can give your driver your card details and he will use his Taxi Too app to process your payment at no extra cost. We hope you enjoy your Taxi too experience and tell all your friends about us.

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